About Us

Welcome to our HUAWEI 5G CPE shop.
HUAWEI-5G-CPE online store is a profession HUAWEI 5G mall, providing full sieries HUAWEI 5G mobile broadbands, 5G CPE router, 5G Mobile WiFi and the related accessory such as 5G CPE antenna, home wireless router, etc. . Additional, there also other brand 5G devices that help you make a good choice.
ML-CORPORATION LIMITED was established in 2012, we’re one of the world’s biggest wholesaler of mobile broadband, providing services for both personal and company, retail and wholesale, online shop and offline store. We’re buying and selling 3g/4g/5g products in various grades, encompassing brand new, nearly new, 14 days and used, with over 12 years of dedication and experience in the industry.
Corporate Information:

  • Founded in 2012
  • Headquartered in Hong Kong
  • Business Activities: international trading of mobile broadbands(CPE Router, mobile wifi, usb modem, etc.)


  • Accessories of various Consumer Electronics
  • USB modems
  • CPE Routers
  • Mobile WiFi

Major Partner and supplier: